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Preschool program
3 though 4 years.

Play and learn

A child’s feeling of independence and social interaction with others is what the preschool room is all about. Our program revolves around the children learning to help themselves and getting along with others.

During the course of the day, children are encouraged to make choices for themselves, cooperate with others as well as listen and follow directions.

The classroom teachers lead the children in small and large group activities, such as movement, read-a-loud stories, circle time and art activities.

In preparation for the pre-K class, the preschoolers work on their hand writing skills, colors, shapes and numbers in their notebook. This also gives each teacher the opportunity to work one-on-one with each student.
Preschool program is designed for potty-trained children
Hours: 6:30 am through 6:30 pm
Age: 3 though 4 years
Staff ratio: 1 teacher to every 12 students

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